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About Us

SOAR is a Youth Development Program that provides education related to relevant topics that are critical to promoting resilient adolescents. Some of these topics include healthy relationships, conflict resolution, impacts of violence, and empathy. SOAR provides a space for youth to unpack the experience of adolescence, and learn skills to make healthy decisions in the face of adversity. 

Our Services

SOAR serves youth ages 12-17 who reside in Madison County, IL through weekly youth development groups and case management. Students enrolled in our program attend 10 sessions; each session covering a different topic specifically related to resilience. 

Students can be referred to our program by parents, juvenile court professionals, school staff, or social service/mental health professionals. 

Our Partnerships

Our Mission

Our Mission

At SOAR we educate and empower our youth to have the tools to overcome adversity through the development of resilient thoughts and behaviors.  

Our Vision

We believe that the health of a community can be measured by the wellness of its youth; we envision youth in Madison County having the ability to make choices that empower them towards a healthy, productive life. 

Our Team

Kenlea Herndon | Program Director

Nathaniel Carlson | Program Coordinator

Marissa Green | Program Coordinator


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